About Us

Our Core Values


Honesty and openness is the best way to communicate and make decisions.


Our challenges are your challenges.  We solve them best collectively.


When we say we are going to do something, we do it.


We are a group of folks who work tightly together each day. We have each-others backs all along this journey.


Our business is to help others with their challenges and we dedicate everything we do to that mission.


What’s the point without this happiness - We strive to have it, and give it away.

Our History

For over 20 years, YardView has continuously improved upon and added to its functionality and capabilities. Some examples include the creation of the In-cab Move Request system in 2006, extensive and flexible Monitoring and Email Alerts in 2007, Push Reporting in 2009, and the move to the Amazon Web Services cloud. YardView completely overhauled its legacy system to embrace current and emerging technologies by introducing YardViewPro in 2016. Corporate headquarters were relocated in 2018 to beautiful downtown Castle Rock. Our Systems Integration capabilities are widely used by our clients and offer tremendous benefits to the end users, accuracy, and automation. YardView is currently used at hundreds of operations  in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and continues to grow each year.

YardView was named a “Best Of Breed” YMS solution in 2007 by Aberdeen Group and partner with many of the largest companies in world as their YMS solutions provider. We continue to develop our program to remain the premier solution amongst Yard Management providers and work with our clients to satisfy new requirements. It is our commitment to offer the highest level of customer service and support to our customers.

In an industry where there are very few strict rules and processes and where the heavy users of the system need a tool that is easy to use, intuitive and offers quick access to key information, YardView simply works.

Today YardView continues its commitment to provide a program that easy to use and highly configurable to fit your operations. We hope to partner with you and help you gain the benefits of the YardView system.


The idea of YardView was envisioned.


Company was incorporated under the name ‘Cypress Inland Corporation’ because it was started outside of Houston, in Cypress TX.


Upgraded the locally installed Access Database System to ASP .Net. for greater opportunity of modern software tools.


Named best of breed YMS System by Aberdeen Research Group.


Nathan J. Harris becomes CEO and leads company to a decade of expansion and rapid growth.


YardViewPro advanced YMS system, exclusively implemented for new customers.


Company has more innovation road-mapped than ever before in its history, for roll-out in the next 6-12 months.
Jim Harris Founder of YardView

Jim Harris


Jim Harris, founder of Cypress Inland Corporation and creator of YardView, had over 40 years of Transportation and Logistics experience when he saw a problem that needed to be addressed. It was 1995 and while consulting for a Fortune 500 Retailer, he saw a system in place to help them manage trailers when in the Yard. He noticed the tool could be very helpful, but also that this particular solution caused some problems. For example- It wasn’t easy to use, the end users couldn't easily adopt it in their process, and it wasn’t customize-able to meet the unique requirements of the site. As a computer savvy and early adopter of technology all his life, Jim knew he could design something superior. With decades of operations management and industry experience, coupled with his genius  approach to software design, he created YardView- A program that was extremely flexible to fit a wide variety of operations and processes, but remained simple and easy to use. Hence- YardView was born.