What is a Yard Management System?
A yard management system provides real-time visibility into your yard – location of assets, trailer contents, gate management, dock management, driver move coordination and management. All yard activity is tracked, coordinated and reported on in a cloud-based system that is accessible from any device at anytime.
What are the benefits of a YardView?
Visibility to assets on the yard in real time. Coordination of yard drivers and their moves. Increased gate through-put, accuracy, security and accountability. Scheduling and planning of all loads and shipments. Communication between departments and real time access to information. Monitors on all assets and their status as well as graphical alerts and triggered e-mails for important and approaching events. Every process and action in your yard is now accounted for in YardView, and reporting, metrics, KPI’s and deep analytics help you improve and be efficient.
How is YardView priced?
YardView is priced using a software as a service (SAAS) model. The fee is invoiced monthly or quarterly and includes unlimited users and unlimited transactions in the system. This provides access to as many users as you would like including carriers, customers and other partners who benefit from the visibility and tools in the system. No need to worry about calculating annual seats needed or changes in pricing for seasonal peaks in your operation. You tell us what features are required, and we put together 1 monthly subscription for the service.
Do you have a dock scheduling system?
Yes. The scheduling system is robust, easy to use, and helps coordinate all loads and shipments in your operation. It can receive a great detail of information through integration so you have access to load information down to the SKU level, or appointments can be entered manually by your users or carriers serving themselves. It is customized for exactly what you need and may include multiple custom schedules for the shipping side, receiving side, at the building level or dock level.
Who does YardView Integrate with?
YardView integrates with a wide variety of systems and utilizes industry standard methods for the sharing of data including web services, flat file and more. In our 20+ year history we have come to integrate with systems big and small- from SAP, Red Prairie and other Tier 1 systems, to home grown load and order systems. Data sharing and system triggers can be done with any 3rd party system in YardView for greater visibility, accuracy and time and task savings.
Is YardView automated?
Yes. Standard tasks, where to park assets, what moves should be completed next, and when to do tasks can all be system driven. Integration touch-points can set off multiple actions of what needs to happen next, and which units should go where can all be automated. Automatic alerts, e-mails to carriers and customers, and other communications are configurable in the system to keep tasks moving and parties informed.
How long does implementation take?
Implementation takes four weeks or less and we can even cut this down if needed.
How long does it take to train users in the system?
We understand it is critical that end users adopt the system fast. Training typically takes less than 1 hour. Each user has very specific access levels so they only see what they need to see and are able to access only their own system features.
Who are some of your Customers?
Having served the industry for over 20 years we have an extensive list of fortune 500 companies, 3PL’s big and small, and other unique operations where we may help with the billing of stored assets. Many of our Partnerships are over a decade in the making and counting. See our case studies and testimonials pages for some of the customers you will surely recognize.
How do we get started?
We are available at any time by phone, e-mail, or through our contact buttons on this site. We would like to learn more about your operations and requirements. Many folks want to understand pricing before they take the next step, and we can provide an estimate if you fill out our ‘Discovery Questionnaire’ so we know what you need. Click the link below to contact us now.
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