7 Reasons Why Operations Wait to Deploy a YMS System

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October 4, 2021

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Today’s supply chain requires moving products from the source to shelf as efficiently as possible. With so many bottle necks and delays – for example, the current shipping container delays occurring off the coast of California and other areas around the world – it is critical to address and solve any issues you can. Think of it as doing your part. One of the ways operations can ensure on-time shipping, quick turnaround for container and trailer visits, and remove delays in the final mile of the supply chain is by implementing a best-of-breed yard management software system.

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So why do companies wait to install a proven solution that is typically a drop in the bucket as far as costs, effort, and return on investment?

Below we outline some (but not all) of the reasons we have come across in our decades of experience.


7 Reasons Why Companies Wait to Deploy YMS Systems

Companies may wait to deploy a YMS system because:

  1. They are just too busy dealing with daily issues that they don’t have any capacity to take steps towards improving. Ina nutshell – they can’t see straight. The truth of the matter is, if they had better systems, helping every employee and department do a better job, know what is going on, and proactively make decisions (instead of reactively) they would have more time, and vision, and calm.
  2. They don’t want to make an investment that fails. They have many people who they would need to count on to embrace a system, and they just aren’t sure they will do it, to make it worth the time, money, and effort. Key individuals include gate personnel, dock personnel, receiving and shipping clerks and managers, and yard jockey drivers (aka hostlers, yard dogs, shag trucks, spotters, yard mules, yard goats, etc.), all of whom would need to be a part of the solution for success. If you choose the best YMS system, you will find it is extremely easy to use and helps each department do their job better. If the job is now easy to do, each party will do it better. No need to wait on that.
  3. They don’t have the vision for how it will work. If you can’t picture how it will work, and what each department of the operation will do in the yard management system, it is hard to take the next steps and get started. It requires some trust in your software partner that they are experts in helping deliver a solution that fits the needs of your operation and solves your problem. Identifying a partner with a few decades of experience is the key. The best yard management software companies will take a comprehensive approach to your operation, find out how your run, what problems need to be solved and then deliver a solution to achieve success. Keep in mind that the best YMS systems are able to easily customize their program to fit your operation, and even individual user needs.
  4. They don’t have a budget and have no time to figure out justifying the costs. Enterprise level software can be expensive. Internal protocols for software procurement and approval can be daunting. The steps required just to get the go ahead may stop the process before it even gets started. Something to keep in mind though – YMS software can often be approved at the local level – without getting corporate approval or added as a capital expenditure. The costs are not as high as some enterprise level software packages. If that is what you have found, keep looking – we are out here. Also, YMS providers may be able to help identify the areas of savings that can be achieved and help with the ROI presentation. When you find the right partner, they will help every step of the way.
  5. They want the system but need higher approvals. This may be the single hardest challenge to overcome. Sometimes any software system, including SAAS models that will live outside of your internal systems and environments, still need IT approval, or all the way up to the VP or CEO level. If that is the case, it is best to take the time to be completely prepared to present the benefits of the system, justify the costs, outline the timeline, and have a comprehensive plan for the project from start to finish. With the right partner this could be a career changing project for you and your teams. A project that can impact the efficiency of your warehouse and yard operations in such a positive way, will certainly be noticed throughout.
  6. They are waiting to install a WMS or TMS first. Sometimes the plan is to get X, Y, and Z in place first, and then figure out what is needed afterwards. When large projects are looming it just doesn’t make sense to add more to the list. Keep in mind, installing a comprehensive WMS or TMS system, depending on the size of your company and the breadth of your enterprise, could take years. It may be better to put in place a powerful, insightful, YMS system that also can be implemented in as little as a month, for a fraction of the cost, and then bite off bigger projects when some calmness is achieved around the yard operations.
  7. They have seen a YMS system, or even use done, and didn’t like it. Not all Yard management systems are created equally. There are huge differences in YMS systems including features and functionality, ease of use, costs, amount of time to install, amount of hardware to buy and deploy, and more. In our many years of industry experience it is often surprising what some companies market compared to what is actually delivered. We have been victims of it ourselves – great website, but old, antiquated systems. Make sure you do your due diligence including calling at least 10 companies using the software, before you make a decision.  

These are just a very select few of the common reasons companies don’t move forward with a YMS system. There are certainly many more. Whatever the reasons they will typically hold an operation back from achieving better potential. If you are stuck in the same old cycle of issues and fires, and operational headaches, reach out to YardView today. We help companies by doing the heavy lifting and working with you on a budget, timeline and solution that is achievable at the corporate, local, and individual staff level. There is a difference when working with experts who have industry knowledge, decades of experience, and desire to help operations – one site at a time.

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