Is Your Dock Management System Integrated with Your YMS? Maybe It Should Be

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June 3, 2022

Image of semi truck with a trailer docked to a dock door outside of a warehouse

Due to a unique change in challenges as supply chain complexity expands, the increased need to boost operational and logistics efficiency has become more pertinent than ever. When using a dock management system for your warehouse operations, systems utilize real-time and physical data that facilitates the ability to manage operations at the dock efficiently. The entire end-to-end operations system will reap long-term benefits when integrated with yard management systems. Are you thinking about integrating your dock management system with a YMS? If not, it’s time to consider this exciting opportunity.

Why Dock Management Systems Should Be Integrated with Yard Management Systems

Warehouse workers standing near a dock door where shipments were just unloaded from the yard

When a dock management system integrates with a yard management system, it creates an efficient solution that seamlessly manages the flow of loading and unloading vehicles inside and outside of the warehouse. To develop and implement the best outcome for your yard operations, relying solely on a dock management system would not be enough to navigate the complexity of the yard. Although the dock plays a critical role in the end-to-end operation, without utilizing a yard management system, you would be missing out on fantastic potential without utilizing a yard management system. YMS provides extensive, real-time visibility across the entire yard so you can see what is happening beyond the dock; for example, being able to see the exact number of Empties (i.e., empty trailers) available that are in good condition is incredibly useful for the shipping side of operations, whereas knowing how many trailers are waiting to get to a dock door is helpful for the receiving side of operations. Overall, having both systems integrated not only saves time and money but makes your job immensely easier.

Yard Operations are Complex

Let’s face it; yards are extremely complex. With multiple moving parts happening at once across the long chain of command, the main priority is to focus on finding ways to ensure a smooth end-to-end process. With so many employees to keep track of, endless amounts of trailers coming and leaving the yard, and tons of merchandise being loaded and unloaded onto the docks and into the warehouse, there is no way a dock management system can handle this alone. Although bringing in a second system may seem like it would cause more harm than good, a YMS integration delivers a solution that is customized to your yard’s specific needs.

Visibility in the Yard Benefits Dock Door Management

The unique benefits of having a yard management system help with real-time visibility expands beyond just the dock. Visibility can take a number of shapes and sizes, including seeing incoming trailers, containers, and vehicles in the yard, incoming product including raw materials and finished goods, reviewing employee performance, and reviewing data and reports. The more visible your YMS is, the more efficient your processes will be for your dock management system. When there are multiple beginning and ending points within a yard, having proper communication is key. When a yard management system is integrated with a dock management system, both parties are able to communicate efficiently between each other, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. That way, you will know what is available on the yard, where is located at that specific moment, where it is going, and which specific dock door a trailer should be going to.

Benefit from Increased Operational Efficiency

When the fate of the yard is in your hands, making sure that the entire operation works at the highest rate of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. If you are mainly relying on a dock management system to optimize yard operations, it will only narrow its focus on operations at the dock. What about everything before and after? That’s why integrating a DMS with a YMS will optimize yard operations to the highest level. When this integration is in place, dock management will only be one piece to the puzzle that is monitored; instead, yard operations, loading dock operations, and warehouse operations connect and communicate with each other in a coordinated effort that manages all related tasks and trailer movements involved from before they enter the gate.

Yard Management Software Will Only Make Your Dock Management System Better

YardView’s yard management software can easily integrate with any other enterprise system for automation purposes and to gain efficiencies, including dock management systems, transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning software, and many more. When a YMS is integrated with a DMS, dock management and dock door operations will operate seamlessly from beginning to end. With more than20 years of industry experience, our Yard Management System boosts real-time visibility and availability at dock doors, monitors the status and dwell at dock doors, and provides detailed metrics and analytics for usage, turns, and efficiencies at the docks. Our team of leading experts crafted an innovative yard management solution that solves real yard management problems and optimizes the business inside and out. We understand the daily challenges you face, so we created a system that takes your operations to the next level.

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