What’s the Difference Between Yard Management Software vs. Dock Scheduling Software?

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January 31, 2022

Multiple trailers lined up docked to individual dock doors at a warehouse

A yard management system is an innovative software solution that is designed to monitor the movement of trailers in the yard of a facility, distribution center, or warehouse. YMS software builds a bridge between transportation and the warehouse, and there are different kinds that can be utilized. To fully implement and deploy a yard management system, these solutions are interconnected and create a robust yard management system. This, in turn, boosts productivity within the yard and generate desirable results. On your yard, dock management and yard management are two key parts that are responsible for productivity levels. So, let’s talk about how yard management and dock scheduling software work together on the yard to benefit your whole operation.

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What is Dock Scheduling Software?

When you are looking to streamline your yard’s organization, a dock scheduling software delivers a good solution that streamlines the appointments for pickup and drop off for both inbound and outbound shipments. Dock scheduling takes the number of docks into account, the level of manpower available, and the time and equipment required to load or unload goods into a facility. Not only does this software take a large load off your shoulders through scheduling automation, but it helps give your yard’s operation and supply chain with an added boost.

What’s the Difference Between Dock Scheduling Software and Yard Management Software?

Having control and transparent visibility is essential for any business, especially those with supply chain logistics. You might be wondering how dock scheduling software or yard management systems would be the exception, what do these two software solutions have in common, and what the differences are between them. We laid them out for you here.



Even though yard management software and dock scheduling software serve their unique purpose and solution, combining them into an integrated platform is the best of both worlds.

Should You Implement One Software and Not the Other?

Two operations yard employees debating about which software solution to install

One question you should ask is, “Do I need one over the other?” If the answer is yes, then you need to decide which one of the systems matches your needs the most. If the answer is no, then it is recommended to unite both. Depending on what you are looking for, implementing either software will maximize your return on investment (ROI). But when integrated together, you will have a top of the line Yard Management System that ensures an efficient workflow for your logistics and supply chain operations, thus making customers and partners happy when deliveries arrive on time.

Is Dock Scheduling Part of Yard Management Software Solutions?

Utilizing a comprehensive planning and management solution can transform dock scheduling software implementation into an efficient solution for yard operations. Dock management is an integral part of the yard’s operations. If no integration or solution is present in your Yard Management System, identifying a solution that can be combined will boost alignment with business goals for your organization. When Dock Scheduling Software is utilized in a Yard Management Software solution, yard management will be able to schedule appointments for loading outbound shipments at the point of booking, allowing your vendors to schedule dock appointments for inbound shipments.

How Yard Management Software Improves Your Dock Management Efforts

Several semi trucks hooked up to their trailers that are docked to the doors of a warehouse

Yard Management Software provides multiple benefits that improve your dock management efforts. From the beginning of the supply chain cycle, YMS enhances security and reliability when shipments are at their loading and unloading points. Yard Management Systems make it easier to track who is in charge of the dock management and inventory efforts. This helps yard managers reduce the risk of loss prevention. Additionally, dock operations are among the most crucial steps for a yard’s success. If a single issue arises during this phase of the supply chain process, it can result in unexpected delays, which affects workflow. Without having real-time information to keep track of dock activities, it is challenging for yard managers to accurately forecast and update customers on their delivery times.

A Yard Management Software Solution That Benefits Your Dock Management

If you are in search of a cutting-edge yard management or dock scheduling software, YardView is recognized as a leader in the industry for boosting your dock scheduling and dock management efforts. The yard management software we developed here at YardView not only enhances visibility, but also boosts transparency at the docks. Our innovative YMS solution monitors status and dwell, providing real-time updates with metrics that displays overall usage, turns, and efficiencies. When your dock scheduling software is integrated with a robust Yard Management System, you will have a well-rounded solution that not only streamlines yard operations but optimizes long-term performance.

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