Can't Answer These 10 Questions? You Probably Need a YMS System

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February 15, 2022

Aerial view of a warehouse distribution center with a small operations yard

Quiz time. We have set up a small questionnaire to determine how well your operations yard is performing. How quickly and efficiently you are able to answer these questions will provide greater insight into the management of your operation and if your operations yard is performing as optimally as it should be. Let’s get to it.

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10 Yard Management System Questions

Image of a toy semi truck with small boxes on the trailer sitting on a laptop with the words '10 Yard Management Questions' overlaying the image

Think you can pass the test? If not, perhaps it’s time to invest in yard management software. Time yourself – see if you can answer these questions within 1 minute!

Ready. Set. Go!

How Many Trailer Assets are on the Operations Yard Right Now?

This is a very important question to know the answer to. It’s like asking yourself how many employees are working first shift, second shift, and so on. If you’re having trouble knowing the amount of assets you have on the operations yard at any given moment, it might be time to investigate a better yard management system for your operation.

How Many Trailer Assets are Empty?

Staying current on your yard’s inventory is super important to ensure the success of your business’s logistics. Sometimes, it is difficult to have enough insight into available trailer assets in the yard, which may lead to inefficient movement of trailers. Yard management systems provide additional visibility so you can properly align your processes.

How Many Trailer Assets are Loaded?

Staying on top of your trailer assets helps make sure that inventory remains accurate during all hours of the day. Sometimes it is hard to have visibility on every piece of asset in the yard, but yard management systems provide that added ounce of security.

Which Empty Trailer Asset is the Oldest?

Maintaining an accurate timeline of your equipment, from the date it was purchased to when it was sold, is important to maintain efficient operations within the yard. Yard management systems keep an accurate track record of all assets, from newest to oldest, so when it is time for an upgrade you do it at the right time.

Which Carrier is the Oldest Trailer Asset from?

Same for above, if you are unsure of the location of where an asset is coming from, it is ideal to keep track a clean track record within your system. Identifying the oldest asset allows you to switch it out with something newer, which can boost productivity and streamline operations on the yard.

How Many Dock Doors are Available to be Plugged Right Now?

Keeping track of your yard’s inventory and equipment status is very important. This will help ensure that operations are running normally, which wouldn’t delay the supply chain process.

What is the Average Turn Time at Each Dock Door?

Knowing the amount of time that is spent at each dock door is important to track both labor and equipment expenditures. If you are spending more time than what is required, then you could be spending more money than you should.

Who Moved a Damaged Empty Trailer to the Dock Door?

Do you know who goes where in the yard? Does each employee have a designated location they are assigned to? Yard management uses both asset and people tracking tags, so you can easily identify personnel across the facility. This eliminates any confusion as to who is where.

How Many Assets are Damaged on the Yard Right Now?

Accidents happen — it’s common when so many aspects of a supply chain are happening at once. But if too many mistakes happen under your nose, they will have a negative impact on your yard’s operations. If you do not immediately know how many assets are damaged in the yard right now, then it maybe time to look into a YMS solution that assists with this crucial piece.

How Many Appointments are Scheduled for Tomorrow?

If you find yourself going back into the office and rummaging through calendars to see the number of appointments that are scheduled for tomorrow, that takes up too much of your time and reduces your visibility as a manager. A robust yard management system can automate your scheduling and provide you the freedom to focus on more important tasks within the yard.

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