Do You Need Contingency Plans for Yard Management Systems?

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December 9, 2021

Illustration of co-workers working on a contingency plan for their yard management system with a clipboard checklist

Contingency plans help establish a risk assessment within your warehouse operations. Additionally, implementing a contingency plan establishes a foundation that clearly maps out business processes, procedures, technologies, and important personnel. Here we are going to discuss what a contingency plan is, why you need contingency planning for yard management, some key components of yard management contingency planning, and why it is necessary to optimize your yard management system.

Do You Need a Contingency Plan for Yard Management Systems?

This is an easy answer – Yes! Contingency plans are put in place ahead of time to prepare for unexpected situations. During times of uncertainty, it is always important to remain one step ahead, because you never know what may happen with your supply chain and warehouse logistics. For example, the Covid-19 Pandemic put a significant dent in the supply chain process, causing massive delays in manufacturing and shipment on a global scale. As Covid-19 was an unexpected situation, others may follow, which is why having a contingency plan will help automate processes in the future. As Thomas Reid first stated, “A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” meaning that the supply chain is limited to that of the weakest link within the chain. Identifying the weakest link can sometimes be found within the operations yard or yard management system itself, and it is imperative to not neglect any stage, especially the last mile delivery.

Why You Need Contingency Planning for Yard Management

Illustration of why you need a contingency plan for yard management systems showing servers, software, and integrated systems that require backups, mitigation, and monitoring

As stated earlier, having a contingency plan in place adds a layer of protection and security in case an unexpected emergency situation occurs. As it is well known, anything can happen. If or when a contingency plan is not in place, there are a few risks that may take place:

Additionally, without creating a contingency plan, you will be putting your supply chain logistics at risk knowing an added layer of security is not present. Here is why contingency planning is beneficial:

When you weigh the risks against the benefits, yard management system contingency plans are worthwhile in the long-run due to the significance in the benefits.

Pandemics, like COVID-19, Has Exposed the Dire Need for Contingency Plans in the Supply Chain

Covid-19 was something that we only believed would happen in movies, but it became a dramatic reality in 2020. Since then, even at the end of 2021, the pandemic left a long-term effect on a global supply chain, delaying shipments, manufacturing processes, and negatively impacting business growth. As a result, a lot of businesses had no choice but to shut down due to not receiving inventory in time during peak shopping seasons. Seeing the damage Covid-19 has left behind, having contingency plans are more important than ever to resolve and mitigate any warehouse and operations yard issues that may arise. As we have discovered, anything can happen.

The Key Components of a Yard Management Contingency Plan

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The key components of a yard management system contingency plan are as follows: Assess, Plan, and Communicate. Assess your contingency plan by mapping out the supply chain and anticipate possible problems and ongoing risks. Then, prepare the contingency by remaining flexible during each planning stage, focusing heavily on supply chain visibility, and creating multiple contingencies depending on the situation. Finally, clearly communicate each step of the contingency plan so every yard operations manager and employee understand every detail. When creating your contingency plan, here are a few key takeaways:

How Do We Know so Much About Yard Management Systems?

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