How to Get the Most Out of Your YMS Reports to Drive Continuous Improvement

Written by: 
Nate Harris
Posted on: 
April 27, 2023

Image of a person scrolling through blue reporting software on a tablet
Reporting and KPI’s are an essential part of running a business. It helps you remain abreast of everchanging situations, mitigate potential risks, and stay one step ahead. One thing to note—no matter the situation you’re in- you should never need to handle reporting alone. An efficient full-scale yard management system oversees a business’s reporting and accelerates its growth and operations efficiency. Let’s discover the importance of reporting and how it can add to your yard management.

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General Yard Management Reporting

Implementing a full-scale YMS solution will not only resolve manual reporting processes but streamline ways to better track and report on daily operations, whether occasionally or at scheduled times and days. Examples of manual processes include tackling daily tasks including check-in/check-out appointments at the gate, dock management, trailer spotting, and inventory tracking.

On the other hand, manual reporting can cause inefficiencies within the yard, including inaccurate scheduling, missed equipment checks, mismanagement of trailers, and delayed security checks. With automotated reporting, reports and KPI’s, can identify specific yard events as well as automate processes based on specific yard activities.

What Does a Typical YMS Report Look Like?

A screenshot of YardView's YMS software displaying dwell time at Dock doors

Example of YardView's YMS software that alerts of important activities in the yard

With any logistics operation, reporting and analytics tools help operations identify potential issues and implement solutions to continuously improve processes. With an efficient yard management system, it provides in-depth reporting that boosts efficiency within the yard.

Growth is Essential for Your Yard Operations

YMS reporting is simple. When implemented properly, it can drastically improve your yard operations. Here’s how utilizing the analytics you receive from a YMS report can help improve many aspects directly in yard operations. Let’s dive deeper.

Growth is Essential for Your Yard Operations

Image of a person looking at reporting graphics over a laptop on a desk

Who doesn’t want to watch their business grow? Sharing KPI’s and reporting information/data will help your yard flourish across all avenues, including financial, employee development, preferred carrier status, site activities and narrow competition in the market. Based on your reporting information, you’ll see the advantages a YMS can produce.

If You Can Measure it, You Can Improve it!

It’s good to appreciate growing pains in a business, however it’s better to make sure you stay ahead of each stage to prevent any possible inefficiency from occurring. YardView’s YMS reporting system cultivates a greater understanding of your yard at every level. With 24/7 support ,and enhanced real-time visibility, your yard management system will have the extra pair of eyes you need to ensure your business is on the right track for success.

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