Need a Boost for Poor Cell Service on the Yard? Here's Our Recommendation

Written by: 
Heather Giordano
Posted on: 
April 2, 2016

Many yards have poor cellular service in parts of or all of the areas. Our recommendation is to use a booster.

Here are a couple of booster options:

The boosters typically come with a DC charger (car charger), but if your Ottawas do not have 12VDC outlets you can opt for the a/c (home) charger. Here is a link to the charger:

Additionally, the small magnet antenna that comes with the unit works pretty well, but there's a truck mirror mount antenna that's quite a bit larger and provides a better boost:

It's fairly straightforward to setup and use. To gain maximum performance, the LED indicators on the booster itself should be lit as indicated in the quick start manual. If the external antenna & internal antennas are too close together, OR too far apart it won't correctly. The LED indicators will light up/change colors as the device & antennas are moved around.

This setup has proven to be successful at sites where signal strength and dead zones are a factor.