Utilizing Augmented Yard Management Systems

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October 31, 2016

The cocktail of operating and managing a yard effectively takes one part dedication & hard work, two parts proper organization & time management. Data crawls underneath the machine of efficiency. To create an optimized yard management system, you need to find the proper methods to lasso the data farm into the right corral.

One way to control this "data herd," (that is a yard management system) is to focus your optimization through one system or service. Operating from a central source. This allows for streamlined service protocols. Before practical computing power, the management system of a yard was much more chaotic and prone to inefficiency. Now, we have greater options for yard management than ever before. Yardview, Yard Management Software, is a prime example of this optimized yard logistical tools.

Yardview's Management logistical software can be quickly integrated into any old system and allows for fully customized integration. The transition can take merely a few days to transfer over to the new yard management system. After integrating a new organizational system, you can find a new set of computational tools in which to utilize, such as drag and drop displays, one-click icon reports, sorting options for truck loading types, and sorting by carrier names, and destinations. You can control carrier access to coordinate instantaneously, even automatically if you wish. You will have the ability to dictate and update your processes from multiple facilities. Most importantly you can request and divert your drivers on the fly (by easy-to-use drag and drop tools) through “automatically created and displayed” system configurations—easy for the operator to revert or alter destinations, real-time alerts to the drivers who need to be informed of their diversions.

To prove the effectiveness of the Yardview Management System many companies created a challenge for the Yardview system. Each test was meant to manage difficult situations and optimize them. Yardview conducted this challenge with the like of The Clorox Company, Ryder, Williams-Sonoma, Colombian Logistics, and TransCarriers. During these challenges Yardview Elite Specialists worked with each trans-carriers to assess the needed requirements to suit each operation that needed refinement. The Yardview management system was integrated quickly and showed it's promise very quickly. “Revenue [was] not lost,” detailed information was able to be effectively passed on to customers and distributors, traditional paper logging was done away with, and web-based systems were put in its place, speeding up many facets of the logging processes. Key metric data was used to inform “who did what” and when, and who was accountable for such distribution processes.

If your distribution seems lacking, behind the times, antiquated, or inefficient, upgrading your yard distribution management system is now the new standard for distribution services. Utilizing data management systems, such as Yardview Mangement Systems, has been shown time and again to improve ROI and better manage distribution services.