Where Does a YMS End and a WMS Begin?

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October 30, 2022

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We live in a solution-based industry; That means companies are constantly looking for ways to simplify the process of finding a solution to a problem. However, not having the proper tools will only make matters more complicating. So, when looking at a Yard Management Systems (YMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), what are their key differences? Benefits? Similarities? With the main objective getting product to the customer in a timely and efficient manner, this article will discuss the differences and benefits of a YMS and WMS, their level of compatibility, and the different yards and/or industries they are best suited for.

What the Difference Between a WMS and a YMS?

While a yard management system is an innovative software solution designed to maintain the sufficient movement of trailers in the yard of an operations facility, distribution center, or warehouse, a warehouse management system manages the supply chain fulfillment process from the distribution center to the store’s shelf. Yard management systems are full-service software solutions that encompass warehouse management systems asa useful integration. Think of a warehouse management system acting as an extension of a yard operations.

Let’s Break It Down a Bit Further

Let’s break it down a bit further for you. For example, let’s say in a WMS market, inventory control applications exist so they can maintain an accurate track record of stored inventory for quick, efficient accessibility. On the other hand, a full-service YMS solution leverages and optimizes personnel use, streamlines ordering and packing processes, initiates effective time management procedures, accurately tracks the movement of trailers and inventory, manages flow at the gate, and much more. The overall management goes far beyond what is done in the warehouse.

You Can Upgrade Your WMS, but That Doesn’t Cover Everything Else That a YMS Can Do

When solely using a WMS yard module, which is an extension of a traditional WMS service, it is optimized to efficiently track the flow of inbound/outbound inventory, identify and implement storage solutions, provide labor resources, and directly assist with the flow of orders. But when you need a larger, more comprehensive system, a YMS provides a wide range of benefits that come with positive results. Such benefits include:

     •  Improved communication across all aspects of the yard, from manager to yard worker.

     •  Enhanced real-time alerts and dock notifications.

     •  Improved driver resources for transporting inventory.

     •  Accurate forecasting of vehicle availability.

     •  Key performance indicators (KPIs) that increase the level of accuracy, visibility, and quality of your logistical operations.

The immediate and long-term benefits speak for themselves of what a full-service yard management system is capable of.

YMS Solutions versus WMS for warehousing solutions

Not Sure If A YMS Is Right for You? Let Us Help!

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