Are Gate Staff and Yard Drivers the Real Issue on Your Yard? How You Can Take Back Control and Gain Efficiencies

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November 30, 2022

A tracker trailer experiencing gate issues with using the right yard management software solution.

Without the right tool, you will always have issues. We all know it’s easy to point the finger at what we think causes problems. Rather than doing some digging to identify potential root causes, jumping at the first possible scenario seems easier in the moment. But let’s take a step back and see what could be causing inefficiencies within the yard. Then, you can discover helpful tools that can boost performance and streamline processes in the yard.

What Are Some Scenarios to be on the Lookout for?

In a yard, there are many key players that boost efficiencies. Gate staff are responsible for maintaining a seamless flow of traffic to designated yard areas. Yard Drivers organize and drive trailer trucks within a yard. When looking at what both gate staff and yard drivers do, some scenarios that could take place may be where communication or various interactions cause conflict. Let’s take a closer look: Basic miscommunication is always a strong possibility. One tiny detail could be left out of a conversation, resulting in a large logistical error that takes a while to resolve—all because of that tiny detail that was left out. Secondly, an interpersonal conflict could be involved, whether mild or severe, but it would impact the overall performance of both gate staff and yard drivers. Third, a job site error could happen, possibly due to improper our outdated training. These are just a few examples of what could cause issues on the yard.

Potential Negative Impacts

We’ve all been there from miscommunication interactions, where one little detail falls through the cracks and puts a ding into an entire operation. From those interactions, that one little mistake could result into longer turn times, missed or poorly relayed information, extended carrier congestion at the dock, longer gate wait times, and a poor business reputation.

Even worse, if the first error was never resolved, then a complicated web is weaved, causing a crazy domino effect. And suddenly, it feels impossible to untangle the mess that was caused. The more complex an issue becomes, the more tension it causes between gate staff and yard drivers, yard managers and yard staff, anyone and everyone who is involved in the logistical process. Causing the yard to be labeled negatively by carriers can take a long time to reverse, therefore it’s critical to ensure smooth interactions from beginning to end.

Methods to Improve Gate Staff & Yard Driver Interactions

A yard management system doesn’t just streamline processes, but also improves cross-functional communication between gate staff and yard drivers. Let them remove some of the controlled concerns at hand by serving as the middle-ground liaison. For example, a YMS can:

     •   Offer and allow for flexible appointment scheduling for all check-ins, drop-offs, and pick-ups.

     •   Provide an expansive parking selection for increased accessibility.

     •   Enhanced navigation for easy transport across the yard.

     •   Real-time visibility for a more organized and efficient process.

That way, each step of the logistics process will be much easier for carriers, gate staff, and yard spotters’ alike. It’s simple - being proactive and efficient is much easier than being known for having a poor yard-team communication or morale. No one wants inefficient yard operations. A properly implemented yard management solution provides full-scale metrics, analytics, and KPIs so you stay ahead of the game for improving your yard operations. If there are any chances for a concern, your YMS will notify you, so your operations processes don’t fall behind.

Yardview provides a solution for your yard and gate issues.

Allow Our YMS to Help Your Yard

No matter how small or large your yard is, having a collaborative team that can work together and overcome challenges in an effective manner is what will ensure a productive operation. YardView’s YMS software is there to face any concerns of yard-related issues, no matter how difficult. YardView’s yard management system is enhanced and improved monthly, all driven by customer request, in advance of evolving technologies. By keeping pace to make sure the customer is always happy, equipping yard staff with a best-in-class YMS tool ensures they’re in the best of hands. Don’t let your questions go unanswered. Discover YardView’s YMS software solution by scheduling a demo today.

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