Does a Yard Management System Work Without a Staffed Gate?

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May 3, 2022

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You’re probably thinking how inbound trailers can navigate through a yard without staff present at the check-in gate. When a yard management system is present, the entire process is automated and streamlined. It’s time to put down the pen and notepad and let the YMS system do the hard work for you. There is a real time difference between checking in an inbound trailer with and without a yard management system. Yard management software speeds up the time is takes to inbound trailers, resulting in fewer costs incurred. Now let’s talk about why.

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Without a Staffed Gate, Will a Yard Management System Still Work?

The short answer is yes. A YMS is still able to provide the boost in operational efficiency you need, even without a staffed gate. Yard management systems do much more beyond the gate. From the gate to the dock, yard management systems provide cutting-edge solutions that not only solve logistical problems caused by utilizing an older manual process, but it also provides a substantial rate of return on investment. Across all areas of your supply chain, yard management software systems help with:

Does a Yard Management System Work Better with a Staffed Gate?

Staffed gate at an Operstions Yard

The short answer to this question is also yes. Although yard management systems help automate and streamline processes for check-in and check-out gate procedures, it never hurts to assign someone to oversee processes at the gate. An alternative would be to have this person remain on standby if something were to ever go wrong, or if a truck driver was ever unsure of what to do. With a YMS, gate management can be manned or unmanned; it implements an automatic process that streamlined gate procedures and boosts velocity of gate check-in and check-out of yard trailers, trucks, tractors, and drivers up to 100% of the time.

When YMS works with a staffed gate, it has the advantage to assist gate staff perform their jobs more accurately by capturing the right information from check-in all the way to check-out. This increases throughput and accuracy at the gate, no matter if staff is present or not. When incorporating a yard management system, it provides the solution you need, requiring less time, increasing efficiency, and drastically eliminating errors compared to an older manual procedure.

How Yard Management Systems Improve Throughput & Accuracy at the Gate

When not using a yard management system, manual check-in and check-out processes increase the chances of truck delays to get in and out in the yard. When at the gate, manual operations are long and more prone to errors; additionally, communication is also inefficient between staffed workers and inbound trailer drivers. Yard management systems automate the check-in/check-out process, streamline security checkpoint checks, provide real-time visibility and navigation, and inform managers and teams of gate updates to boost efficiency. Leaning on an automated system eliminates the need to have someone manually record information. Save the time and money and invest it where it is most important. Increasing throughput and accuracy at the gate is significantly important, as it will save the entire operation time and money, while ensuring an error-free process from beginning to end.

With a Staffed Gate or Not, a Yard Management System Can Help Solve a Multitude of Logistical Problems

Staffed gate or not, a YMS System can solve a multitude of logistical problems.

Whether your gate is staffed or not, YardView’s yard management solution doesn’t just boost the throughput and accuracy of your gate’s operations, it streamlines your entire logistical operation’s processes. Our main priority is to make sure that your business succeeds at the highest level of performance and efficiency. When you choose the right YMS partner, yard management systems provide real-time yard visibility, reduce lock check-in times, decrease detention and demurrage fees, enhance the ability to spot trailers faster in the yard, slash turnaround times, automate key processes, and improve software integrations such as warehouse management systems (WMS) or transportation management systems (TMS). For 20+ years, YardView has been recognized as a leading expert on offering a top-of-the-line YMS solution that will you’re your business to the next level. Ready to try it for yourself? Please call 303-781-3430 for more information or schedule a demo below.