Missing or Lost Inventory in Your Yard can Easily be Solved with a YMS

Written by: 
Nate Harris
Posted on: 
March 15, 2023

Aerial image of a Truck Yard with many cargo/shipment containers

We’ve all lost a pen or two in our daily work, but losing inventory can cause major problems, especially within yard operations. The only way to find yourself out of a maze of missing inventory and into an organized, automated tracking system is to implement a YMS that can take unwanted stress off your shoulders and oversee inventory management. We’ll cover best practices for how a YMS can reduce the likelihood of missing or lost inventory through system automations, inventory tracking, and lot checking procedures. Enhance real-time visibility and uplift the your management process with a yard management system.

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Inventory Management and Your Yard

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Inventory management in yard operations is one of the largest issues and challenges facilities face daily. When there are multiple pieces running at one time, it’s easy for one piece to slip through the cracks. However, when it happens more than once, the more tangled the web gets weaved. Most of the time, inventory either goes missing or is lost from systems not properly tracking the movement, not having the right amount of visibility, or having data input into the software incorrectly. To prevent these issues from occurring, it’s time to transition from being reactive to proactive and get ahead of the issue before it takes over. An efficient YMS is a software solution that can track inventory as it reaches your facility gate rather than a dock door. Doing this adds an extra layer of visibility of inbound inventory, aiding in activity planning and throughput.

How a YMS Works with Your Yard Visibility

Yard management systems bridge the gap between inventory and operations. When one part of the production process results in an inventory bottleneck, it can result in a domino effect on the entire operation. It’s best to lay each piece meticulously by performing simple lot check procedures to ensure an accurate inventory count, location, and movement to verify data is accurate. By performing the proper due diligence, a YMS will perform and execute at the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Never Lose Visibility of a Trailer Again

Man using a tablet with Yard Management Software on it to track inventory

A yard management system comes with its own unique set of bells and whistles. However, let’s add a cherry on top. YMS also has the ability to integrate with other software, including warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS), and ERP systems to ensure the most efficient, optimized, and accurate yard operations from start to finish. With the implementation of a yard management solution, you’ll see the following benefits to reduce lost or missing inventory:

All of these benefits sound great, however a YMS can’t do it alone. To ensure that a full-fledged yard management system is performing at its optimal level, a knowledgeable yard manager and yard jockey would perform regular lot-check-ins as needed to catch potential issues before the YMS confirms information is correct. That way, extra ground is covered.

Let Our YMS Do All the Tedious Work for You

Why try and do tedious work when there is a cutting-edge solution that can do it for you? By letting a yard management software solution take control of overseeing inventory in the yard, your operations will not only significantly reduce the chance for error but eliminate product losses and improve other aspects of the yard, including cutting labor expenses and requirements. YardView’s cutting-edge YMS solution has greatly reduced the chance for missed or lost inventory for more than 25 years. With U.S.-based support specialists on standby 24/7, they are ready to step in whenever there is an issue. With the highest quality service in mind, we will help ensure your team is set up for success during implementation. Stop losing inventory and demo YardView's YMS today.