Pros & Cons of Different Technologies Used in YMS Systems - RFID, Bar Coding, GPS, Kiosks, and Drones

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October 5, 2022

An image of trailers in a yard using Drones and GPS for a yard management solution

Yard management systems serve as a one-size-fits-all solution that enhances your business’s yard operations. When stepping back and seeing what makes a YMS what it is and how an operations yard is managed, you’ll discover other unique systems that are used in yard management, such as RFID, bar coding, GPS, kiosks, and drones. The question you may be thinking is, “What makes each one different?” Throughout the article, we will go over each piece of technology, its significance, its advantages and disadvantages, and how they can be supplemented into a singular, uniform system.

What are the Types of Technology Used in Yard Management?

Below are different types of technology you may see used in yard management systems.


An image of RFID Technology as a yard management solution.

RFID – Also known as Radio Frequency Identification, is a specific type of radio technology that utilizes radio waves to identify tags attached to an object and identify the object as a result. It can be an essential tool for logistical applications and is used to optimize supply chain processes.

Bar Coding

An image of QR Code Technology as a yard management solution.

Bar Coding – Within a warehouse management system (WMS), bar coding allows the ability to tag each warehouse location, rack, pallet, container, or item with a specific label that can be identified and scanned at any time. Bar coding is efficient as they permit faster and more accurate transfers of information, which enables the movement of assets more quickly.


An image of GPS Technology as a yard management solution.

GPS – When you feel unsure of where an asset is in the yard, GPS Tracking helps you locate those assets quickly so you can use your time for more important matters that require more attention. GPS trackers can be placed on a vehicle or certain asset and won’t require a recharge for several weeks. Additionally, they are a beneficial cost-saving measure if used for a long time.


An image of a kiosk as a yard management solution.

Kiosks – YMS spearheads end-to-end core processes to ensure optimal yard operations. With processes starting at the gate, duties can be performed through using a kiosk, which automates communication with the driver to gather information and deliver proper loading/unloading instructions.


An image of Drone Technology as a yard management solution.

Drones – To get a better grasp on visibility into asset location in yards, drones with sensors are used for data capturing to increase overall throughput.

What are Some of the Cons with the Technology Used in Yard Management?

An image of trailers lining up at kiosks in a yard becoming a yard management traffic problem

Maybe you’ve found yourself stuck in one of these scenarios or maybe you’re contemplating utilizing one of these specific technologies. Look at the following concerns and see what you think:

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