Process, People, and Technology: A Balanced Approach to Successful Yard Management

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January 30, 2023

Process, people, and technology together in a shipping yard

Let’s start off by saying that investing in a yard management system isn’t the magic key to ensuring sufficient operations. Although many industry leaders may think to step aside and let YMS do its thing, that’s not the case. Implementing a yard management system into your yard operations is about finding a balance between the process, the people, and the technology. We’ll cover how to achieve this balanced approach to yard management and how to discover the necessary skills and factors that go into overseeing each aspect of a yard’s operations in tandem with how YMS can ensure these aspects are met.

Yard Management Operations 101

Yard management operations come with many skills and factors, some being planning, precision, natural skills/abilities, accuracy, communication, and coordination. All of these skills are essential to ensuring your yard reaches its full potential. With so many moving parts, people, and commodities moving through the yard on a daily basis, running a full-fledged YMS is the best solution to ensure every element is accounted for and utilized properly.


Before pressing the big red button that is so enticing, it’s important to step back and go through each step of the planning process as it’s essential for yard operations. During the planning process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What is coming in?”
  • “What is going out?”
  • “How should we track and monitor what each trailer contains?”
  • “What can be switched out to ensure a faster product?”

Communication & Collaboration

We all know communication is key in all aspects of a business. If one vital piece of information falls through the cracks, it negatively impacts the entire operations process. An effective communications strategy will streamline collaboration with staff, contractors, drivers, partnered agencies, and managers for a smoother workflow. And if there ever is a problem, first-rate communication will promptly address and resolve the situation before it escalates further.


Robust Reporting in YardView Yard Management System

Maintaining accurate and robust reporting procedures such as scheduling, reviewing statistics, and confirming appointment times are essential to yard operations. Without consistently inputting accurate data into each system, it will be challenging to ‘bounce back’ into an efficient production workflow. The longer it takes to get back into a groove, the more challenging it will become to prevent delays, regain authority status, and increase carrier preferences.

Just Because a YMS is Involved Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Be

With all systems that a business uses, you should never let it run wild and free ion its own. Someone should always be looking over their shoulder to address notifications, review incoming alerts, and whatever else may arise. Never think that you no longer have to oversee what is happening in the yard. Take the time to identify each yard zone, prioritize critical information and relay it to each department when applicable to ensure every person is accounted for.

Our YMS Can Do All of the Work For You

Yardview's Yard Management System has been an industry-leading software solution for more than two decades. Our team of experts have built a successful track record helping clients save money on detention and demurrage fees, keep them up to speed on immediate notifications/alerts, ensure efficient gate management processes with proper check-in/check-out times, establish performance standards, and maintain an accurate product positioning and count across the yard with all parties accounted for.

YardView’s YMS always searches for new ways to be innovative with its in-cab move request system that tracks inventory and maintains an accurate record of when products are moving in the yard. That way, you are left feeling confident that operations are running at the highest rate of precision and productivity.

See it in action today by scheduling a demonstration of YardView’s YMS.