3 Key Things That Won't Change for Supply Chains in The Next 10 Years

Written by: 
Heather Giordano
Posted on: 
June 7, 2017


Speed in the supply chain is a constant requirement.  In the past 10 years we have seen delivery times decrease drastically with same-day service becoming the norm in some areas.  A decrease in fulfillment time will only continue.  Speed in all facets of operations is driving technology to keep up with the introduction of human labor being supplemented, or replaced, with automation in the process.

YardView is continually reviewing our system to provide our customers the most efficient solution to ensure that they are operating at top speed.  One example is the speed at which we can help you perform a lot check of your inventory.


Accuracy is the measuring stick for every operation.  If your operation is not using a YMS, WMS, and/or TMS to track your transactions and inventory you may be running less accurately than you are aware.  This can cause a continual effect on your bottom line, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

YardView analytics provide an excellent view of your data in an easy to read format for your operation, managers, and executives.  All reports can be customized to provide the most important KPI’s for you and/or your customers.


The need for visibility increases daily.  Customers, partners, suppliers, and managers always want to know the status of everything from the status of an order, trailer, shipment, employee task, etc.  It will always be necessary to provide real time visibility of transactions to all parties.

YardView can provide Real Time visibility and access to anyone that you request.  Our security process allows us to restrict the level of visibility at a group or user specific level.  This visibility can increase your productivity by freeing up your team from the phone calls and emails coming in requesting information that is now available by having those outside resources log in themselves.