WAIRE Program: What to Know & How to Stay in Compliance with YardView Yard Management Software

Written by: 
Nate Harris
Posted on: 
November 27, 2023

Image of a loading dock at a warehouse The WAIRE Program is a government standard to improve air quality within Southern California from local warehouse operators. From multiple reports to mitigation fee options, it can be challenging to understand their in-depth requirements but rest assured that YardView YMS is there for you to ensure compliance that leads to other benefits that the program offers businesses. This law has been a challenge for warehouse operators and owners to understand and adopt. YardView has heard many stories of frustration and confusion around the Program. For now, it seems to be moving forward, and while it does, YardView can help. Learn more about the WAIRE program and how YardView YMS can help your business, below.

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What is the WAIRE Program?

Aerial image of many trailers parked and at loading docks. The WAIRE Program (Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions), or AQMD Rule 2305, is a framework to promote greener business initiatives by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The AQMD is a regulatory agency responsible for improving air quality in the The Southern California districts , including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Coachella Valley. These initiatives create public health standards for warehouse operators to decrease industry-related emissions. The program is a menu-based points system to earn WAIRE Points once you complete their required actions. You must submit annual reports of your earned WAIRE Points to the South Coast AQMD to ensure compliance with their air pollution reduction efforts.

WAIRE Program Implementation Guidelines

Southern California verticals within transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and industrial are all impacted by the California WAIRE Program. While the WAIRE Points Compliance Obligation (WPCO) standards can be comprehensive, there are regulations you should understand and reference to ensure your facility and/or yard is following proper protocol. The WARE Program’s implementation guidelines include:

  • Truck Trip Counts: The number of truck trips during the compliance period.
  • Baseline Reports for Onsite Equipment: General information on yard trucks, solar panels, quality air filtration systems, and ZE charging/fueling stations may qualify for WAIRE Points, depending on the usage.
  • ZE Yard Trucks: While not included in the menu, you may earn WAIRE Points through a Custom Waire Plan. You must show proof of purchase and usage of your ZE yard trucks. This includes receipts, invoices, truck hour meters, and weekly/monthly operator timesheets.

Remember that this is a general overview of the WAIRE Program, and you should always refer to their website to ensure your business is compliant.

WAIRE Program Reporting Requirements

Image of a chart with the different WAIRE program requirements

Three total WAIRE Program reports are required from a warehouse owner or operator: Warehouse Operations Notification (WON), Initial Site Information Report (ISIR), and Annual WAIRE Report. You may choose to pay an annual mitigation fee instead of filing these reports. These funds provide financial incentives for cleaner business technologies for cities near warehouse yards that paid for this option.

When submitting WAIRE Program reports, the South Coast AQMD accepts the following forms of documentation:

  • Security systems
  • Video monitoring
  • Electronic Telematics Systems- typically used in on-board GPS systems and yard management systems
  • Gate security time logs
  • Contractors and similar records, like pickup and delivery documentation or third-party fleets.

Benefits of WAIRE Points for Warehouses and Yard Logistics

Meeting WAIRE program regulations is not only required and promotes better public health practices, but it also benefits the bottom line. 

The benefits of earning WAIRE Points for businesses include:

Southern California is home to leading U.S. metros where warehouses and yard logistics are in demand.

Is your SoCal business compliant?

How YardView Helps Your Warehouse Stay Compliant with YMS Software

Image of a loading dock with a tablet and YardView software displayed on the screen

We understand that WAIRE Program regulations can be complex for warehouse operators and the challenges you are facing as the regulations are rolled out. We help by supplying an easy-to-use cloud-based tracking tool, that will record all entries and exits to your operation. YardView can be installed in as little as 3 weeks. The tracking, reporting, and auditing of the traffic at your operation is easy and can be used to help gain credits to offset your obligations. Other benefits include integration with your current systems. YardView’s YMS software integrates easily with enterprise systems and will help streamline the coordination and data between your warehouse, transportation, and other systems. Working in unison with your key systems and adding the benefits of YardView YMS, you can achieve perfect visibility of your entire operation and ensure compliance with AQMD’s WAIRE program and WPCO credits. Our yard management system features offer the following benefits for warehouse yards:

  • Provides visibility and yard information for all planning including inbound and outbound tracking.
  • Reporting and detailed metrics for timely and accurate decision-making.
  • Improves trailer spotting time by helping with yard driver communication and accountability.
  • Reduces detention/demurrage fees with faster load turnaround times and efficient inventory management.

By automating yard management, you can streamline your WAIRE Program compliance while benefiting from improving your facility operations.

Earn WAIRE Points Easier with Yard Management Software

The South Coast AQMD may change its standards in the future, so it is crucial to stay up-to-date with their requirements. At YardView, skip the hassle of tracking federal regulations when you have a team dedicated to monitoring these for you. We ensure your warehouse yard is always compliant and maximizes the benefits of the WAIRE Program. So you can focus on what you do best, your trade.

Ready to make WAIRE Program compliance easier? Contact us with any questions or schedule a demo of our yard management software.