Reporting & Analytics - What to Expect from a YMS System

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October 30, 2022

An image of employees using Reports and Analytics in YardView YSM System.

What is one of the most important tools a business needs to grow? Reporting and analytics. As with any logistical operation, reporting and analytics tools helps managers identify problems and implement solutions to continuously improve processes. Thankfully, a full-scale yard management system (YMS) provides in-depth reporting that boosts efficiency within the yard and improve overall operations. Deciding if a YMS is for you? This article will provide the answer.

What’s Lacking in Your Logistical Operations?

Rather than focusing on utilizing different systems, such asa TMS or WMS, a YMS easily integrates with them, making it a full-fledged software solution that enhances logistical operations. The immediate benefits are evident when it comes to enhancing real-time visibility and streamlining operational processes. Relying on each individual system is no longer enough, no matter the benefits. Transportation Management System (TMS) is a digital tool that manages logistics and transportation functions for a business by centralizing transportation data through planning and forecasting network needs, optimizing routes, managing carriers, and effectively tracking shipments. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides heightened visibility into a company’s inventory system and efficiently manages supply chain fulfillment operations functions from their distribution centers or facilities to store shelves. Businesses that use only a transportation management system or warehouse management system lack additional benefits a yard management system includes, such as freight and inventory tracking. By only sticking with one of these systems instead of a fully integrated YMS, there will be periods of time when you’re within a gray zone. Don’t take that risk.

Stop guessing Where the Inventory Is and Start Tracking!

Why run yard logistical operations with any level of uncertainty? Instead of playing a constant guessing game, know exactly where inventory is always. Better yet, receive alerts if anything goes wrong too, so you can make appropriate changes for future shipments.

A YMS Can Give You More than What a TMS and WMS Can

Yard management systems offer an extensive range of features and benefits to a yard:

     •   Visibility: A YMS provides real-time visibility into a yard’s assets including their location, container contents, number counts, dock times, etc.
          Every staff member and manager will have access to see what is on the yard—no need for phone calls or emails. Information will always be readily available.

     •   Freight/Inventory Tracking: A YMS eliminates the need to manually track incoming freight and inventory. Due to automated processes,
          a YMS integrates with other software (TMS, WMS, etc.) to increase the overall line of sight into what’s happening in the yard.

     •   Gate & Dock Management: Gate and dock processes are automated to ensure the safety of carriers and yard workers, improve accuracy,
           and greatly reduce the risk of human error.

     •   Self-Service Appointments & Reduced LotCheck Times: Automated processes greatly decreases the amount of time required to check
           in at the gate and dock by half.

     •   Reduced Detention and Demurrage Fees: YMSallows you to be in control and automatically calculate time in inventory to monitor detention and
           demurrage expenses and ensure products are ready or when they’ve stayed for too long.

     •   Faster Trailer Spotting: The ability to know when a trailer needs to be requested to and from a dock door is easier with the use of a yard
           management system. This increases the total amount of assets that are staged and loaded daily.

In addition to the above benefits, a yard management system drives continuous efficiency, reduces expenses, and allocates time to be better utilized toward tasks that are most important.

YMS Reporting is Top Notch

A lot of the time, important information is lost in the shuffle, neglected, and or left unused. With a full-service yard management system, it has the bandwidth and capabilities to efficiently track and manage all aspects of your business’s yard operations through turning raw data into actionable insights. Through leveraging specific analytics and reporting metrics, a Yard Manager has all the resources they’ll need to make effective business decisions and increase ROI. Utilizing specific reporting tools allows you to gain competitive advantage:

     •   KeyPerformance Indicators (KPIs)

     •   Gate Metrics: Data gathered at the gate such as gate throughput and accuracy.

     •   Spotters Metrics: This is the total percentage/number of tasks by a certain type (i.e., dock bump, manual move, pull, or spot), the average time
           used per task, the average number of tasks assigned per driver, and total idle time spent.

     •   Carrier Metrics: This equals the total percentage of early, on-time, or late deliveries with an average detention rating.

     •   Equipment Metrics: The total number of weekly shipments, the dwell time organized by equipment type, the average delay for late loads,
           the percentage/percentage/amount of equipment by load type, and percentage/number of equipment by type.

Happy with Reports and Analytics in YardView YMS System

When Your Current Systems Isn’t Getting the Job Done, Ours Will

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