Inefficiency of Paper and Manual Processes: How Our YMS Can Improve Tracking and Reporting On Your Operations

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February 21, 2023

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Have you ever looked in your office and noticed a stack of papers and folders over 2 inches thick, and had no idea what they belong to? It’s painful to not have an organized system, especially when there are multiple moving parts at once. Thankfully, implementing a YMS system will not only mitigate the issue you’re dealing with but also streamline ways to better track and report on your operations daily. How do you get started? The first step is to keep reading this article!

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The Manual Process

Let’s start by looking at the daily life of a yard operator. Manually, here are some of the tasks they tackle daily: gate check-in/check-out, dock management, trailer spotting, reporting and analytics, freight/inventory tracking, equipment checkups, appointment scheduling, yard notifications, and security checks. Sounds like a lot, right? That’s because it is.

The Issues with the Manual Process

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When you take into account there are no automation processes in motion with each of these tasks, doing it all manually can become incredibly overwhelming. This can cause inefficiencies within the yard, including inaccurate scheduling, slow check-in/check-out times or delays, missed equipment checks, mismanagement of trailers, delayed notifications or security checks, and lack of communication. Although some issues may be minor, as they continue to pile up (like the stack of papers), the hole continues to dig deeper and deeper, transforming into a monstrous problem that can’t be solved.

How to Mitigate These Pain Points

Rather than investing hours into trying to find a solution that can help with your manual processes, allocate that time to tasks that matter and let YMS take the wheel. A yard management system can integrate with other systems and become a full-scale solution that improves and automates processes, ensuring smoother, more efficient, and prompt operations. Implementing a YMS can also take charge of all reporting (as mentioned in our previous article), so you can throw away the clipboard! Here are some key benefits that come with using a YMS:

Enhance Reporting and Operations with YardView YMS

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When processes are automated and simplified, it makes running a business easier every day. Utilizing a full-service YMS solution, such as YardView’s YMS, is here to help improve and automate your businesse's reporting to improve overall operations. For example, it will also automatically alert those needed in case of any changes, delays, schedule adjustments, and more, to ensure action can be taken immediately. Additionally, a yard management system will gather data specific to your KPIs and specific operations metrics (i.e., Gate, Spotter, Carrier, Equipment) to implement continuous improvements.

Improve Your Yard Operations Potential with YardView Pro’s YMS

At any stage in business operations, there will be pain points we may face. However, there are some issues that do not have to be left unsolved without help. Rather than trying to deal with it, YardView’s yard management system has been helping Yard Managers not only solve their issues, but optimize efficiency which has led to a boost in performance, productivity, and sales. Don’t let manual processes be the determining factor in your business struggles — call YardView today to schedule your free demo of our YMS.

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