What Kind of Hardware is Required for Yard Management Software to Work?

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January 17, 2022

Man setting up a desktop computer thinking about the hardware requirements for yard management software

When investing in a new yard management system, it is important to know what kinds of hardware are required to make processes more efficient. Once the yard management system is installed, the tasks will easily fall into place. To ensure that efficient changes are being implemented, making sure simple data entry, inbound/outbound communication, and insightful reporting are easily accessed on a mobile device, tablet, or even a desktop computer. Being able to take yard operations to the next level through the use of a screen rather than listening to the radio or watching paper fly is going to take supply chain to the next level. Sometimes even the grandest ideas might not be the most optimal approach. Let’s discuss the types of hardware that would be required to ensure a yard management system will work at its maximum capacity.

Hardware Requirements for Yard Management Software

This answer is going to come with good news – there is very little hardware that is required for a successful, efficient implementation of a yard management system. It is normal to see a tablet in each yard truck to streamline communication across the yard, which are easily connected to the internet via a provider such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or another carrier. If a mobile phone or tablet is not in use, then a desktop computer would be utilized, which is a more widely used form of technology today. By taking advantage of cloud based yard management systems, all that will be needed is an internet browser, connectivity, and a charger on standby.

Computers, Tablets, or Phones – Which is Ideal for Yard Management Software?

Based on which department you are in, how you access your yard management system depends on the tech that is being used. Also depending on the type of technology you are most used to utilizing on a daily basis would be the most ideal recommendation to what you would use for your yard management system. It is best to go with what you know, while also making the most ideal solution for your yard operations.

Desktop Computers

Workers in a warehouse setting using a desktop computer

Aside from tablets and mobile phones, desktop computers provide more pack to the punch in terms of storage and speed. By utilizing various search engines including Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, there is very minimal capital expense for using these devices. While on the desktop, accessing your YMS system would be opened in a separate tab, boosting visibility to multiple screens at a given time, whereas with a mobile phone it will become more difficult to navigate. Desktop computers are recommended if you are known as a heavier user. Best of all, if any software updates were to be implemented, the changes would be almost immediate.

Android, iPad, and Other Tablet devices

A truck driver using a tablet computer on the operations yard standing by his semi truck

Depending on what kind of device you choose to use for your YMS, whether it be an Android, iPad, or other tablet device, they are recognized to work very well at guard gates, in yard trucks, and on forklifts. Even though it is said that less is more, having a bigger screen to manage tasks can be perceived as more valuable, especially when it comes to reviewing everything that is happening in the yard at once. Tablets have touchscreens, which minimizes, or even eliminates, the need to use a mouse or keyboard, thus increasing accessibility. Additionally, if you are looking for maximum storage, tablets come in the form of solid-state drives (SSD’s), which are more durable for ever-changing work environments, such as harsh vibrations, drops, or common occurrences in a fast-paced workplace. If you are looking for the right technical equipment that provides seamless access to the tasks at hand, looking into a tablet, Android, or iPad is an optimal selection for your YMS’s needs.

Smart Phones

An operations yard truck driver checking his smart phone for updates

Mobile phones offer a multi-functional use when integrating them with yard management systems. With traditional devices being used for receiving and executing tasks in the yard, phones offer apps that include all the features you could need and want for enhancing your yard operations. With endless possibilities to explore, phones may be the most optimal choice as far as devices go. Although the size of the screen may cause limitations or restrictions, a well-designed YMS solution can work just as well with a mobile device. By simply making a phone call, accessing a web page, sending a text message, taking a photo, or checking emails, these are examples of frequent occasions where a phone might come in handy.

System Requirement Minimums for Computer Hardware Devices

Today’s technology and hardware are produced to impress and seamlessly run a smooth, cloud based yard management system. Modern features exemplify speed, RAM, hard drive storage, and unbelievable specs that satisfy requirements and exceed expectations. Internet connectivity is more important than ever, so it is critical to choose the best provider (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) that fits your needs and requirements. Make sure that these providers are not just promising a strong Wi-Fi connection, but also LTE, 4G, air cards, etc. to make sure your YMS system is working smoothly.

A Yard Management Software that Works Regardless of Your Computer Setup

Multiple devices like a desktop monitor, tablet computer, and smart phone with the YardView Pro Yard Management Software on them

The innovative and cutting-edge yard management software solution YardView presents is known as best-of-the-breed by transforming your yard’s operations into a valuable asset without causing any bumps in the road. Although not everything is perfect, and with somewhere may come with some areas of improvement, YardView’s YMS is recognized as one of, if not the, best yard management solution on the market today. If you are searching to automate manual tasks, initiate real-time visibility into yard inventory, assets, and equipment, streamlining operational efficiency has never been easier. Integration has never been more accessible and scheduling a demo to see what YardView is about has never been easier. To schedule your YMS demo today, please visit https://www.yardview.com/demo-the-software to learn more about its key benefits.

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