10 Common Misconceptions About Yard Management Systems

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March 4, 2022

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In today’s environment, there are a lot of common misconceptions about yard management systems (YMS). Thankfully, we are here to set the record straight and put these general misconceptions to rest. Let’s cover a few of these YMS misconceptions and discuss why they are misleading people.

10 Common Misconceptions About Yard Management Systems

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Have you ever heard or said one of these statements below? If you have, don’t worry. We won’t hold it against you! Fortunately, these are common misconceptions that are told about yard management systems throughout the industry. Although they are misled viewpoints, it is time to clear the air and explain the truth behind each one.

It will be difficult for my team to adopt a YMS and use it properly each day.

Yard management systems are easily adoptable, meaning once it is installed and implemented, it provides inclusive training that ensures your team fully understands the day-to-day process. As long as the work is put into learning the system, then it will be utilized correctly and efficiently each day.

It requires too much time and resources to get a YMS installed properly.

When a yard management system is installed and implemented properly, the amount of time and resources it will require reduces significantly. When you compare it against the original amount of time it would require without a YMS solution, the large cut in time savings is worth the investment.

It won’t work.

When trying something new, it is encouraged to venture into it with an open mind. That way, you will prevent having a defeatist attitude which prevents you from being optimistic about what this new solution would bring. How are you sure that it won’t work, when you haven’t given it the proper chance? It is important to remember not every yard management system is the same, and the right one for your needs is out there.

If we don’t execute it perfectly, the whole thing will fail.

Perfection is not the expectation — remember, things happen. It is all about adjusting to the learning curve that comes with installing a new YMS system. Just because it does not run and execute perfectly the first time around, doesn’t mean the entire system will fail. Any great YMS provider will be there to help with any installation related issues and ensure you will utilize the YMS to the best of your abilities.

It will take a long time to install a YMS like SAP, Oracle, Red Prairie, Manhattan, or Blue Yonder.

With this, sometimes it’s worth the wait for the right system to take place. This is a huge misconception; just because big name YMS solution providers may take several months to multiple years to install properly, doesn’t mean that it is the status quo. Maintaining an open mind is critical.

It will be very expensive and YMS providers will charge for every little change.

Take note that not every yard management system costs an arm and a leg to install. Improving your business’s processes don’t need to become an expensive overhaul. It’s all about who you choose as your YMS provider.

We don’t have a big enough yard for a YMS to make an impact.

This misconception can be compared to the size of your backyard. No matter how much grass you have, whether you live on 1 acre or .25 acres, your lawn needs to be maintained. The same goes with the size of your yard. No matter how small or large it is, there is a YMS that is tailored to your individual needs.

YMS systems need other technologies or system integrations to work right.

Although there are useful technologies or system integrations that can be combined with your yard management system, there is no requirement that it has to have them to function properly. YMS can be used as a standalone system or a combined one-size-fits-all solution when integrated with other software systems such as WMS, TMS, or ERP systems.

IT needs to get involved to make a YMS work right.

With the right YMS provider on your side during the installation process, they can ensure every piece will work correctly without incorporating any external involvement. They will come in as the experts who will guide you through each step of the process.

We used a YMS in the past, and it didn’t work well.

Sometimes systems we try to implement are not the right fit, and that’s okay! It happens, but that doesn’t mean because one didn’t work, every other system won’t as well. Not all YMS systems or YMS providers are made equal, so be sure to explore different options and compare features to see the varieties between them.

One Yard Management System That Proves All Misconceptions Wrong

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YardView makes it a priority to defy all of the odds by creating a powerful and affordable YMS system that fits your individual needs. By proving the misconceptions wrong, our yard management system delivers tailored solutions from all access points: at the docks, at the gate, for your yard drivers, scheduling, system integration, monitoring and alerting, visibility, automation, and analytics.

Our team has seen it all and have walked in your shoes. We know what needs to take place to have a reliable, functional, and efficient YMS solution, no matter the situation. BY utilizing the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, we provide our customers with a cloud-based yard management software system, which ensures you have the highest levels of security, data protection, and constant communication.