The Logistics Lounge: Follow The Leader Friday with YardView's Heather Giordano & Jeff Roche

Written by: 
Nathan Harris
Posted on: 
March 30, 2024

Aerial view image of a supply chain yard with stacked trailers and containers

YardView's COO, Heather Giordano and Director of Implementation, Jeff Roche, are guests on The Logistics Lounge's Follow The Leader Friday podcast. This episode discusses how yards are often an overlooked and critical part of the supply chain, and how YardView YMS bridges the gap between networks.

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welcome to the lounge you guys surprised me I wasn't uh forgive me you said I got to pop a


top and that's not often I get to do that at work so this is great cheers y'all it's Friday well we


hey John we we hey man our our positive thoughts and prayers or with your uh with your old lady man um we hope she


hope she gets uh get better dude and um yeah man you know just give her meds let her sleep leave her alone you know


she'll be happy John you got to wear the nurse You Gotta Wear the nurse suit for her you gotta dress up in the nurse suit


yeah yeah we wna we want to see that but not on the show send it to us privately so we can make a meme out of it and then everybody can


laugh all right we are gonna start you know we're gonna start with the lady


first because it is women's history month so you know uh Heather why don't you tell us a


little bit about you like your a little bit of your backstory and you know how you came to be at yard sure so perfect


so um my name is Heather jordano I'm the COO here at YardView now um I've been with yardview for 12 years in my


previous life I worked at a 3pl on the east coast and I worked there for over 10 years and I worked in their it


Department uh but I worked with operations and uh the warehouse teams in


that it realm and um I actually started implementing yard View and I did that for five years at at that company so I


became really familiar with all the challenges that happened in the yard I make a joke when I'm always out in the field and I say I've gotten in and out


of so many um trucks with strange men because I just climb in the yard truck so it's kind of like a funny funny


little way to put it but I do I have no coms I'll get in that truck and do the ride with them just to make sure you


know they understand and are comfortable with our platform so um I really loved the product the very first time I rolled


it out it was kind of a disaster as most go lives are that first time you do something and um you know we were doing


a yard check I'm sure many of you have done those and uh it was pouring rain in New Jersey so it was awesome um but


after that you know I just I saw the difference that having a software like


this could have um kind of to your point Pedro that it was just mass chaos the radios people were screaming on the radi


videos everybody's tensions were high everyone's like oh he's doing it to bug me or you know I hate that guy and then


we turn the system on everything is web- based it got so quiet we all broke out


in Giggles because it was just that uncomfortable silence we're like is everything happening you know um so ever


since then I just loved the product I saw the um the worth in it and I started working here um with Nate Harris um and


he's our current CEO and I love it I love the product and I just love love the way when we roll it out it just


everybody just calms down because I you know I have to bring it back to your news article but my driving simulator


was like pull position in the arcade um so I can't even back up my driveway safe


so um you know I have a lot of respect for what you guys do out there and um the yard drivers you know there's inches


between those trailers so um the amount of calm that our software can bring to places like that is just amazing so yeah


H yeah that's what I'm saying let's go hey I hope I hope Jeff I hope Jeff pops on since he has a a fellow si si


sistering our our buddy our buddy Jeff Dickinson he is uh he's from Jersey so


yeah maybe we drop on y'all can y'all can talk about your old haunts I don't


know all right hey we'll just go straight uh straight down uh Jason you want to do the same thing for us brother


man uh sure so uh my name is Jason Blan Shir I've been working for yard view for


just about 6 months now um the previous 14 years to that was in law enforcement


I'm working in marketing now so it's a pretty new Venture for me but uh really been loving coming into the logistics


industry and uh learning all there is to know at this point obviously a big learning curve from what I was doing but


it's uh it's been great awesome that's awesome you know man I could you know being being ex law


enforcement though so many so many great things comp that about marketing man you know being direct you know what I mean


like taking no prisoners kind of thing you know what I'm saying man like just going for it that's that's part of what marketing is it it's translated uh


surprisingly well um mind you in that previous realm I did a lot of other stuff that was related to marketing


that's why the the president uh did see me and say like hey I'm interested in bringing you on but uh it's been it's


been awesome it's been wonderful to see and work for a company that is so about


the customer so willing to put everything they've got their whole heart into taking care of the customer which is all you guys you know that's that's


great man hope you uh hope you enjoy your uh your new life and Logistics man it is uh just like your previous life it


is Ever Changing uh soon soon as you understand one thing they throw out the rule book the next so that's all right


adapt and Conquer right that's what we do adap and Conquer that is that is it's it's it's like a it's like a mountain


range every time you get to one Peak you get there and then look over and you're like [ __ ] and there's another one you


know we had to make it really clear what we meant when we were talking about Reef first yeah I mean you do live in


Colorado right right we were like I promise it's a it's a trailer it's a type of


trailer oh that's that's freaking awesome Jeff uh let let's hear it


brother all right all right so I I got a little bit of a different yard management background I've been doing


this actually since I've been in yard management since I've been a teenager um so I had a I had a cousin


that had a yard management company and very successful looked up to him it was something that I was born into I wanted


to do this for my life right so I looked up to him like you were saying you know born to be a warehouse manager born I


was born I wanted to be in yard management I was except my company my mine was cutting grass dump trucks


spreading mulch cutting Hedges um so I wanted to be in yard management but you can say here 30 years later I'm actually


living my dream and I'm here in yard management just not that cutting grass trimming Hedges um but I've been doing


this for a long time been doing this for a long time uh you know out out of college I I started out at a 3pl working


in a a warehouse doing you know Logistics yard management um I even once


I got in a yard tractor tried to move a trailer I am not a yard driver nothing but respect for them um and then I got


into the software into things I came to yvu about five years ago and I'm the director of implement uh director of


Client Services now and uh just just love the experience here love the exposure and really really happy to be


part of you know the yard yard management Arena sweet man I just I just want to


say I appreciate your dad joke bro yeah I love that point I I literally I


literally just timestamped it so I can make a a short out of that like dude I'm a dad I got a lot of dad jokes so I love


it I love it like I was like okay cool he's been doing this for a while and then he goes heades I was like this funny son of a [ __ ] yeah no I did no


and it's it's you know because I saw I saw the way you guys introduced us with the yard management


withing and that's like that's what I did I've been doing that since I was a teenager and uh you could say I've kind


of been in yard management almost my whole life fre It Off love that man Jared


what's up brother how you doing man hope had a good day man um hope y'


aren't getting any of that uh that nasty weather up there in uh Nebraska those are um those are great


guys I mean I don't know if y'all really could use their service but e carrier check that's who uh Jared is uh Jared is


with e carrier check freaking absolutely amazing individuals all right so um I


just want to let y'all know if um if y'all have if y'all want to do some type of short demo or have like a quick


YouTube video or or you just want to pull up the website or I can pull up the website all you got to do is pull up the


tab and then hit the present um icon down at the bottom of the screen and y'all can pull up and display whatever


you want I don't know if y'all want to do do that or just you know go in to start talking about stuff I thought maybe you


know in y'all situation of visual aid would really be great for for everybody for sure for sure I can definitely take


that and um I will present my screen and I'll just kind of start out before I jump into sh sharing my screen I will


just let you know I'm going to show you the two parts I'll show you the part of the inside like the warehouse uh doc


supervisors those types of people um inside the warehouse I call it inside the walls um what they would use and


then I'm going to show I'll also show you what the driver see so you guys can kind of see how it ties together so


before you know my my my brain glitched it it does it all the time so before you do that H do you want do you mind if I


share my little story about why I'm so interested in y'all I remember told I was going to say it so I won't want


y'all to to hear it but I so my first job with my one of my first jobs after I


got my Logistics degree was I worked for a company called e transport and they had the yard management contract uh at a


humongous Home Depot uh DC and it was actually two DCS on one site and the


crazy thing is both of them ran on completely different systems why I don't know but it was it was nuts so uh I was


in charge of of a team of like 30 yard drivers and we did the night the night crew um Swift was the ones that did


pulled all the trailers and did all the deliveries we had containers that would come out of the rail yard from Fort


Worth uh stuff that would come up from the port in Houston so it was a lot of


traffic that was on this yard I mean and it was it was massive uh I should have pulled up a Google Maps and show you but


probably twice the size of a normal Walmart DC so if y'all know how big those are um you know Jason Jeff Heather


then that's what it was but my crew every day we would have or several times a day we'd have to do a yard check like


you like y are talking about so everyone would go riding around the yard and they would have to find every trailer and


they'd have to write it down where or write the spot down where it was if it wasn't in the right spot you had to put


the correct spot on there and then they had to bring all that back to me and then I had to manually input it in a


system that was like Ms Doss and I'm not [ __ ] you when when I when we printed this every single day or every single


time we printed it it was over 200 Pages between the drivers that we'd have to


print out per side and you would you know i' stap together 20 30 pages at a time you know those things would have 30


40 50 trailers per page and you have to drive around and find them and it was it


was crazy it was absolutely nuts um that was 20 or something and it was so slow and


it was just ridiculous and nobody cared like if someone picked up a trailer they were supposed to again you didn't you


didn't write it you didn't do a system you wrote it down or they would Walky me and say hey trailer XYZ spot whatever


and then I have to enter in the system or if I wasn't in the office I have to ride it on a notepad and then get back


to the office it was just a dis I would say it was a disaster and since like we


didn't our yard wasn't together but the system of figuring out where these trailers are you know what I mean and


and all this stuff because you've been to a big DC y'all know like when they need a trailer they need it in the door


because they're ready to unload it they can't wait you know they throwing stuff up so when I heard about y'all Jason


when you and I connected I was like oh man this is so freaking cool I wish we would have had something like this like


back when I was in this would have made my job so much easier I just could have rode around with a damn tablet you know


what I mean like well yeah and the and the key there that that that's to point


out by the time you got done doing all that it was stale it was old data those


trailer the trailers came and went trailers are being moved empty loaded the whole time so by the time you emailed it out it was


like no good anymore yep yep the yard is a living


breathing thing you're you're right and and man that is an extremely good point because it was like I mean we you would


you have a trailer and like said Swift trailers were there and there were other companies because it was a drop trailer site for Swift Warner US Express a whole


bunch of just major carriers you know what I mean and so it would and of course these carriers would send their


drivers in to pick up these empty trailers for loads so you know we you know we'd get a a a a a um Alert in our


system that says hey we need this Warner trailer and this dock to load this load


for Warner and then you go look for it it's not there you don't know where the hell it is and so you're like okay well


let's just go find another Warner trailer and then you got to make sure that trailer is not already designated


to something and then if it is you gotta it's dude it was a disaster just and


like I said the the sites didn't talk to each other even though they were one location so if I wanted if I found a


Warner trailer it was it was called the RDC and the SDC so if I found a trailer


on the SDC side that I needed for RDC I had to pull it out of one system and


then put it into another s it was just freaking nuts man oh man it was so crazy


it I mean you're you're putting it in a nutshell exactly why yard management exists I think a lot of people we just


went to manifest and put a booth up and were're able to have some conversation and at a at a trade show like manifest


as large as it is and has many Logistics and 3pls and all the companies that are there it was amazing to hear how many


had never even heard of yard management it was just crazy because as


we look at what yard management does for companies and what you know through our experience over 26 years of experience


we we've realized that it's still not become mainstream for people to understand that it's a big black hole