Why Remaining Inefficient & Chaotic in Your Yard is Not a Good Idea

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February 18, 2022

Aerial view of a chaotic busy operations yard

When attempting to navigate a stressful and complex yard, operations and supply chain processes can come off as chaotic. By not having a proper system in place, it could not only hurt your business in the meantime but affect its overall success in the long-term. That’s why investing in a yard management system will provide the support you need and deliver the quality you want most.

Top Excuses We Hear for Why Yard Operations Remain Inefficient & Chaotic

Here are the top excuses we’ve heard over the years for why logistics organizations choose to remain inefficient and chaotic in their operations yard.

“We are so messed up that we just don’t think a yard management system will work.”

Coming in with a defeatist mindset does not help any type of situation. How you can overcome it is transition into a glass-half-full way of thinking, so any obstacle that may come your way would not slow you down or make you believe that nothing can be done.

“Nobody understands our issues, so they can’t be helped.”

We all have issues and experience problems on a daily basis. If you have gone through it, 99% of time someone else has been in your shoes. When there is a problem, there is always a solution, and yard management systems come equipped with so many solutions that solve an issue.

“The folks in that department won’t do it right, so we aren’t going to pay for something they won’t use.”

Whenever a new policy is put into place or a new software is implemented, there will always be a learning curve for both management and staff to learn it and become comfortable with how it runs. When a yard management system is installed and implemented, it will take time to practice and fully understand each unique piece. In no time, you will become the master of your new system. It is all about having an open mind with an eagerness to learn new things.

As the Saying Goes, “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

This statement couldn’t be more true. If you have decided the outcome and are living the outcome, then nothing will change. With a mindset like this, the same old song and dance with its basket of issues will continue to spread like wildfire across your operations, and nothing will stop it. If you choose to do nothing about it, then nothing will improve, grow, or change. Similar to a great saying, “The tragedy of life is not often in our failure, but rather in our complacency.” By having a complacent yard, you are letting your operation fail. In order to make it better, you have to make the change.

YardView Can Help No Matter How Bad Your Yard Operations Are

Aerial view of an efficient busy operations yard outside of a distribution center with the YardView logo in the sky

Did any of these statements sound familiar? If you have heard yourself thinking or saying one of the above, YardView can help take the stress away and help you see the positive in what a yard management system can do. Our team of qualified industry experts have walked in your shoes before, and they have the tools and resources you need to take the first step for your operations. Just remember, no matter what the problem is, or no matter how bad off your operations yard may be, YardView is here to help. Visit https://www.yardview.com/demo-the-software to schedule a demo of our software today.

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