Cut Out the Middleman and Free up Valuable Time

Written by: 
Shane Reincke
Posted on: 
July 5, 2017

When it comes to the day to day operations we’ve found that an inordinate amount of time can be spent communicating with carriers and attempting to maintain awareness into blind spots in the yard. YardView will help significantly reduce that load and increase awareness based on your specific needs and challenges.

Implementing YardView will:

  • Automate carrier detention by automatically calculating costs based on your agreements and provide the totals directly to the carriers.
  • Provide daily carrier commitment numbers to your staff and the carriers so there are no disagreements on when numbers aren’t being met.
  • Allow carriers to schedule their own appointments without seeing what other carriers have scheduled already.
  • Set up reporting so that carriers can see what units are on site, what status they are in, and where they are located.
  • Email carriers based on your business rules; damaged units that need to be fixed, loaded units that need to be picked up, or scheduled appointments.
  • Email and on-screen alerts for employees to maintain visibility of hot loads, live drivers, units at doors over a defined period of time, temperature exceptions, and units that haven’t moved recently
  • Integrate with other systems to avoid duplicating information and communication

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