How Often Should You Perform a Lot Check on Your Yard?

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December 28, 2022

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Performing lot checks is an essential responsibility on every yard. With every business, without conducting routine check-ins, you run the risk of letting problems slide under the cracks. To uphold a positive reputation of the Yard and Operations Manager, performing routine lot checks is critical to ensure operations continues to run smoothly. In this article, we’ll discover what exactly a lot check, why it’s an important aspect to a yard’s operations, how often they should be done, and additional tools/resources you can incorporate that will make lot checks simpler.

What is a Lot Check?

A lot check is a term that all yard operations personnel are very familiar with. Since operations during peak periods can have their inventory turned over multiple times daily, it may lead to producing inaccurate counts of what’s in the yard. If inaccurate commodity information is passed across the yard, that can cause a massive interruption and potential failure in the entire operation.

Conducting a lot check is an essential next step to ensure a yard operation collects accurate data, verifies a correct number of commodities in the yard, analyzes what’s inside the units, and counts how many available units are empty.

Lot Check Frequency

There is no set date and time when a lot check should be performed. Depending on the size and level of activity that occurs in the yard, a typical lot check may be conducted 3 or more times daily (for larger operations) to only once weekly (for smaller operations). However, it’s never too much to do a lot check at least once daily (but 4 times a day for perishable goods!). That way, it will become part of the day-to-day routine and will help you keep track of what’s happening in the yard.

Whatever the case may be, without utilizing the right tools and allocating the proper resources to perform successful lot checks, you could waste time and energy to get inaccurate results. Perhaps it may be time to upgrade your system to a cloud-based tablet or switch to YardView’s yard management system to efficiently, accurately, and with accountability, perform yard checks and get everyone on the same page.

Why Lot Checks are Important

Before incorporating and leveraging any type of YMS tool, you have to have a borderline understanding of what’s happening in the yard, what’s there presently, how many items are in the yard, and what their locations are. That way, while the lot check is in progress, you can double check its results to ensure it’s accurate.

The good news is that lot checks allow all parties to be involved; however, be aware of what’s held in the yard, since it can be overwhelming considering a certain commodity is low, unavailable, or improperly counted. Such issues can make those responsible embarrassed for not remaining on top of their yard checks. Maintaining accountability is key.

Without implementing a sufficient yard management software, so many more inaccuracies can come into the limelight. For example, once a lot check is done, a yard employee would manually input the information into an excel spreadsheet, Google Doc, or another non-real-time system. This increases the chances for human error, slowed progress, and poorly timed updates. Think about it if you perform multiple lot checks a day. It would be a twisted rollercoaster that would never end.

Operation Failures May Result in Infrequent Lot Checks

It’s self-explanatory. Without conducting routine checks, you won’t have accurate yard inventories. Without accurate information, your operations will eventually crumble. There’s a problem if you don’t know how many empty containers you have, when you don’t know what is occupying different spaces at your operations facility, if you’re running low on visibility, or are uncertain of any raw material counts. If you stay on top of what’s happening in the yard, you’ll remain one step ahead.

Who is Responsible for Performing Lot Checks?

Typically, Yard Drivers are the ones who would normally perform lot checks within their designated areas. To verify they did an accurate job, a Yard Manager (the boss of the Yard Drivers) or an additional security yard worker, would review the lot check and verify proper inventory inspections were completed and information is accurate. It’s always beneficial to have a second set of eyes to prevent mistakes from occurring.

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