How a YMS System is Key to Becoming a Shipper of Choice

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November 30, 2022

Becoming a Shipper Of Choice

Drivers are incredibly valuable to a yard. Without them, the process would not be possible, so it’s important to recognize how valuable their time is. When it comes to picking up and dropping freight off at your yard, what will keep you as a valued, highly sought-after competitor for driver options? It’s time to strive to become a Shipper of Choice. Achieving this accomplishment will help you become more appealing as the preferred option for carriers in the logistics industry. Here’s how you can become one.

What is a Shipper of Choice?

Becoming a Shipper of Choice means that carriers have a desire to work with them because of the value they bring to the entire partnership. They value the relationship you have with the carrier, not just because they are required. A Shipper of Choice, in addition to establishing valuable partnerships, also implements practices that improves yard and carrier efficiencies. Shippers of Choice save time, which is a critical component of the process.

If a shipper and carrier relationship is at its best, then the shipper will continuously put effort to reduce the time it takes to checkin, drop off, and pickup for the carrier. It shows that the carrier respects the driver’s time, which is how they make their money.

How does a YMS Fit in?

There are many benefits that a yard management system provides to carriers and yard managers in general. First off, it treats each carrier with the same level of respect. In addition, there are many more benefits that a YMS offers, including increased parking options for carriers and a reduction in detention rates and demurrage fees.

Gate & Dock Management: Automated services enhance available delivery times and boost accessibility for carriers

Easy & Convenient Scheduling: YMS offers flexible appointment times. Offering more options for carriers to choose from results in a more productive work environment and a more productive use of time spent.

Load Management, Offering Pre-Loaded Management,Drop-And-Hook Freight: YMS streamlines the loading, unloading, and transporting process for all drivers in a yard.

Fast Check-In & Check-Out Services: Yard management software streamlines this process to allow for a better time-on site and turnaround metrics. This helps carriers boost their time management, allowing for the yard to look more efficient.

Multiple System Integration: YMS solutions offer multi-system integrations with other tools, such as WMS, TMS, ERP, and more. This allows for accurate record keeping, asset tracking, load management, and much more.

Overall Visibility: YMS increases overall visibility regarding reviewing analytics, analyzing metrics, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), accessing dashboards, reporting, and implementing improvements for enhanced processes.

Why You Should Strive to Become a Shipper of Choice

Considering becoming a Shipper of Choice? First off, it’s not something that will happen overnight; it takes time, effort, and the reward will pay off. The good news is any shipper can become a Shipper of Choice. What will put you over the top? Be the shipper that establishes strong, authentic partnerships that are desirable to carriers. Be courteous of carriers’ time. For example, when a shipper puts extra effort in reducing the time it takes to check-in, drop off, and pick up for drivers, it shows the level of respect shippers have for a driver’s time. Time is money.

Steps to Becoming a Shipper of Choice Among Carriers

Want to become a Shipper of Choice? Follow the following key steps to generate the best results.

     1.    Be sure to avoid detention times.

     2.    Whenever possible, maintain flexibility for all shipment schedules.

     3.    Create and provide parking options for accessibility.

     4.    Foster a safe and easily accessible location which generates efficiencies.

     5.    Respect drivers and their loads to maintain a positive work environment.

     6.    Identify areas of improvement and leveraging data to back them up.

By putting these practices in place, you’ll put your best foot forward as a go-to shipper.

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